Why Am I Doing This?

I started my investor relations journey in 1979. My NIRI ID number was 679. I knew absolutely nothing about IR when I was selected for the job. They told me I scored highly for adaptability on my application test scores and had extensive operating experience. (This was a utility company. I started by digging ditches on a gas crew.)

They didn’t know what I was supposed to do either, but our lead investment banker told them to hire someone for investor relations. I was it. I was to figure out what I was supposed to do and do it.

I learned a lot since then, and I want to share some of those experiences and that knowledge, and maybe stir up some conversation here on contemporary topics. Many of these are still in the development stage like ESG, and others are timeless, like “What is the purpose of investor relations?”

And I would like to share some stories of what it was like a few decades ago, and some funny things that happened on the way to the stock exchanges.

Please bear with me, as I am just starting on this new journey.

The first publication is the 26 chapters of “The IR Book” Chapters are being published every week.

The other publications consist of both written material and videos. Descriptions are included on the Home Page of IR Issues.

I will also provide the opportunity for your comments, be they brief or lengthy. They will be edited only to the extent of filtering out obvious spam. I encourage your comments.

I will try my best to make this effort worth your time.

John Lewis San Francisco November 3, 2022