The IR Book Chapters

  1. Overview of the Investor Relations Function
  2. Role and Value of Investor Relations
  3. Setting Up the Investor Relations Function
  4. It’s All About Valuation
  5. Corporate Disclosure, Reporting and Transparency
  6. Gaining the Full Measure of Your Company’s Intangible Assets
  7. A Governance Framework

The Market

  1. The Market: An Introduction
  2. The Sell Side
  3. The Buy Side
  4. The Multiple Dimensions of Trading Practices
  5. Key for Investors: Risk Management

Corporate  Practices

  1. Importance of Research as the Foundation of Investor Relations
  2. The Value of Converging the Communications Functions
  3. Quarterly Financial Results: The Big Event (press release, conference call, transcript and summary)
  4. Wide Range of Communications Vehicles (SEC filings, press releases, conference calls, presentations, investor profile, fact book, the Internet.)
  5. Focusing on the Annual Report
  6. Building Relationships with the Sell Side
  7. Building Relationships with the Buy Side
  8. Dealing with the Media: A Vital Role
  9. The Many Facets of Shareholder Services
  10. Make or Break: Crisis Communications
  11. One Worldwide Market: Global Investor Relations
  12. Measuring IR in a Value-Creation Context
  13. Initial Public Offerings
  14. Fixed Income IR Programs